Speaker: Leanne Mull

Your Reason for the Season

For many people the holiday season is a time for happy memories, family and community. For others, this time is something to get through as quickly and painlessly as possible. Regardless of where you land, join us as we join together in song and love as we talk about our reason for the season

“For Such A Time As This”

In this lifetime each of us is here, now, for a reason. Join us as we explore the light that each of us holds and the hope, even in a season of sadness, for peace and love.

The Other Pride Month.

July is Disability Pride month, there is a big parade in Chicago in an inclusive welcoming space.  Disability is the only marginalized community that any of us can join at any moment.  Join us as we talk about disability history, disability justice and where disability falls in the DEI conversation.

“A Resolution Revolution”

Join us as we flip the script and celebrate the beginning of the year of “more.” Leanne’s observations about life and coping with its challenges are full of wisdom and humor.  

Why Am I So Busy?

Narrowing your focus can not just improve productivity, but lead to a calmer mind and healthier body. Together, we will explore various ways to determine priorities in our life