2022 – 2023 SEASON

Edgar’s Place Coffeehouse has a line-up of great music and amazingly diverse performers this season. Dave Rudolf has booked some great acts for you!

2023 Dates

Saturday, January 14th – Small Potatoes
Saturday, February 11 – Liz Mandeville
Friday, March 17th – Trillium (St. Patrick’s Day)
Saturday, April 15th – Dave Rudolf and Friends
Friday, May 5 – Thomas Linsk

2022 Dates
Saturday, September 17th – Megon McDonough
Saturday, October 8th – Switchback
Saturday, November 12th – Buddy Mondlock
Saturday, December 3rd – Ashley & Simpson Christmas Show

All shows begin at 7:30 pm. $15 admission fee, cash only at the door.

Watch for a Paypal discounted presale option coming soon! 

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Interested in performing at Edgar’s Place Coffeehouse?
Artists may contact Dave Rudolf (daverudolf50@gmail.com)

Edgar’s Place Coffeehouse was established in 1992 and is known as one of the finest listening rooms in the Midwest.

Edgar’s Place Past Acts Since our 2010-2011 Season

Bernie Glim, 3-7-20

Chris Farrell and Larry Rand, 2-8-20

Felten Offard, 1-18-20

Todd Donnelly and Sons, 12-15-19

Buddy Mondlock, 11-9-19

Cheryl Rodey, 10-12-19
(this concert was postponed and rescheduled for a later date due to illness)

Michael Smith, 9-14-19

David Massengill, 5-11-19

Dave Rudolf & Diana Laffey and Friends, 4-13-19

Triflemore, 3-9-19

The Bittersweet Christmas Band, 12-8-18

Buddy Mundlock, Mike Lindauer, and Donna Adler, 11-10-18

Claude Bourbon, 10-13-18

Tricia Alexander and Amelia Stamsta, 05-12-18

Tom Neilson and Lynn Waldron, 04-14-18

Patty Stevenson and Craig Siemsen, 03-10-18

Dave Rudolf, 02-10-18

Joe Jencks, 01-13-18

Lee Murdock and Blue Horizon, 12-09-17

Michael Johnathon, 11-11-2017

Edgar’s Place 25th Anniversary Acoustic Mini Festival Saturday, 08-26-2017

Mark Dvorak and Tom Rasely, 05-13-2017

Dana Cooper, 04-08-2017

Kristin Lems, 03-11-17

Michael Smith, 02-14-17

Buddy Mondlock (with Mike Lindauer and Donna Adler) 11-12-2016

Claudia Nygaard, 10-08-2016

Anne Hills, 05-14-2016

February Sky, 03-12-2016

Dean Milano and Chris Farrell, 02-13-2016

Tricia, Diana, Alpha, 12-12-2015

Harpeth Rising, 11-14-2015

Claudia Schmidt, 10-10-2015

Dangerous Folk, 05-09-2015

John Kimsey and Twisted Roots Trio, 04-11-2015

Danny Fox, 03-14-2015

Michael Smith, 02-14-2015

Dave Rudolf Completely Cracked Christmas, 12-13-2014

Buddy Mondlock, Donna Adler Opening, 11-08-2014

Brian Cutean, 10-11-2014

Heather Styka, 04-12-2014

Mark Dvorak and Eddie Holstein, 1-11-2014

The Schticklers, 11-09-2013

Claude Bourbon, 10-12-2013

Innisfree, 04-14-2013

Dave Rudolf, 02-02-2013

Mustard’s Retreat, 11-10-2012

Dyed in the Wool, 10-13-2012

Claudia Nygaard, 04-14-2012

Small Potatoes, 02-11-2012

Tim Grimm, 01-14-2012 (Moose River, opening act)

Claudia Schmidt, 11-12-2011

Tricia Alexander, 10-08-2011

GlenAyre and Innisfree, 04-09-2011

Danny Fox, 01-08-2011

Jim Schwall, 11-13-2010 (Bruce Foster, opening act)

The Teflons, 10-09-2010