Aug 7 Marilyn Ragland Flower Service
The Community Garden: A UU Flower Communion Ritual
Please bring a (cut) Carnation or Mum to share during the service. Most importantly, bring an open mind, and an open heart.

Aug 14 Rev. The Rev Ms Denise D Tracy
“Our Sacred Social Contract”
In a world that is complex and rapidly changing, what are the rules and how do we know how to respond ? What does Unitarian Universalism have to offer us as we try to create lives of depth of meaning?

Aug 21 Beverly Feldt
“Compare and Contrast” We’re brought up to compare ourselves constantly with others.  Parents ask why you can’t be more like your sister; teachers grade on a curve; bosses want us to be as productive as the guy down the hall.  What does all this do to us?  Is there another way?

Aug 28 Leanne Mull
“The ‘Important’ Things!”
How do we know what is important in our lives? Do we decide our priorities or do we allow others to do that for us?  Join us for a lighthearted and uplifting morning as we discover together what is really important to us, and for us.