November 23, 2019    
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


70 Sycamore Drive, Park Forest, IL, 60466

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Transformative Talk Workshop facilitated by Rev. Henrietta Byrd

featuring artist Gina Aliecia.

Transformation through Painted Prayers

November 23, 2019 at UUCC, 1pm to 4pm, Donation $60.00


Attendees will receive the following:

An autographed copy of Painted Prayers, Art Supplies used in the workshop, a snack, a clear understanding of how to utilize painting to release your fears, blockages and old beliefs, a creative way to bring forth prayers/affirmative statements of intent.

“I have discovered a unique way to access and release unneeded beliefs, Gina has discovered a unique method to prayer and meditation which we have combined and offer to you and your guest.”


CONTACT: – Rev. Henrietta Byrd 312-593-4732. EMAIL:  Iforgiveforme@gmail.com

Bring your closest friend with you so that when you leave this workshop, you will have someone else who is able to speak this language and one who can know the truth for you when you can’t know it for yourself

At the end of your full participation you will:

Understand a process of Transformation

Demonstrate a unique forgiveness technique

Receive tools that will have you identify old habits that no longer support the vision you have for your life.

And replace the old habits with no intentional practices.

Have access to identify your life purpose

Be empowered to create and maintain the necessary changes to move forward with the goals and visions for your life.


Gina Alicea, a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner through the Centers for Spiritual Living, Chicago, IL. She is a well-known practicing and exhibiting artist and is the author of Painted Prayers. She holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s  Degree in Education. She currently teaches Art  at the University of Chicago. Through her love of painting, she has discovered a unique form of prayer and meditation.

Reverend Henrietta Byrd, an ordained New Thought minister, is a  staff minister at Christ Universal Temple in Chicago, IL. She is also a member of the Ministerial Staff and an instructor  for the Empowerment Center for Better Living, a member of the University of Chicago Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship, and an instructor at the Johnnie Coleman Institute. She has done extensive work with families whose loved ones are in transition, and in this work has discovered that one unique theme permeating their lives is the resistance to forgiveness… to forgive themselves and their loved ones. She has done this work for over twenty years and her ministry focuses on the power of self-forgiveness. Rev. Byrd is a member of the Leadership Body of the International Black Summit Inc. and the creator of Transformative Talk, which includes radio talk shows, CDs, and the 40-Day Spiritual Cleanse. She has one daughter and three God-daughters.