May 23, 2021    
10:00 am - 11:15 am

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May 23rd

“Chestnut Medicine: Can we learn from this American Icon?”

By: Balazs Dibuz

The tree feeds on the earth, but the tree is not a parasite; it does not deplete the earth. Rather, it affords the earth the opportunity to be consumed. The entanglement is mutual: the root drills into the earth in order to receive; the earth draws the root into itself in order to provide. . . The existence of any one thing in and of itself means nothing; everything that exists gains meaning only by giving. This is the foundation of every relationship, and in this relationship the one that gives is more deeply connected because it is not scarcity but abundance that connects it. From Béla Hamvas, “Trees,” translated by your speaker, Balazs Dibuz