March 2, 2020    
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


70 Sycamore Drive, Park Forest, IL, 60466

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Monday, March 2nd at 6:30pm

Introducing Anti-Oppression at UUCC:

Please join us for discussion aimed at antiracism and anti-oppression.

The following is excerpted from recent UUA statements (search: “UUA Conversations for Liberation”):

“Unitarian Universalism is at a moment of great power and potential. We are making progress toward becoming a faith movement where people of all backgrounds and identities can thrive to challenge systems of oppression, patriarchy and white supremacy. …we recommit ourselves to strive to become a fully inclusive and anti-oppressive community. This is an essential calling that arises from our Principles and theology. We recognize oppressive systems as violations of human dignity, demanding we challenge them both within and beyond our congregations. Systems of oppression hurt and dehumanize us all. We acknowledge we are a part of the interdependent web of existence, and that none of us are truly free until we are all liberated from oppression.”

We are challenged by our faith movement to become a fully inclusive and anti-oppressive community. This work was actually started long ago by the Waking Up group, and now we mean to take up this recent challenge and expand on these anti-oppression and antiracism efforts.

We all have great respect for education and the transformation in understanding and perspective it can bring. Soon we will be offering more educational and training opportunities (please join us for discussion and more information Monday March 2nd at 6:30pm) aimed at antiracism and anti-oppression more broadly- just how do we become that fully inclusive community?

We invite you to come with us on a journey of learning, transformation, and liberation