April 7, 2019    
10:00 am - 11:15 am


70 Sycamore Drive, Park Forest, IL, 60466

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Acts of Creation—The Sacred Place of Art in Our Lives

By February Sky (Phil Cooper & Susan Urban)

Can you imagine life without art? Art and artists not only add beauty to our world, they also soothe, delight and challenge us with unique visions that can inspire us and broaden our horizons.  Also, we believe that by making art ourselves, we become one with the divine creative.

Are you an artist or craftsperson of any kind?  Then please bring some of your creations to display at our UUCC Arts & Crafts Fair!  It will take place on the morning of Sunday, April 7th, before and after the Acts of Creation service being presented that morning by February Sky (Phil Cooper & Susan Urban).

Children as well as adults are welcome to display their creations (the service will be intergenerational, so kids will stay for the entire service). Please come to church no later than 9:30 a.m. (preferably earlier) to set up your display. While no sales of art will take place at church, business cards may be collected for later follow-up.  Please sign up no later than Sunday, March 31st in the gathering room (or call or email the office) and indicate how much space will be needed for your art.